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Negative Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Technology has become an integral part of our daily life and modern world. People are spending their time more on social media platforms than with their families and friends. Social media use can triggers psychological craving and that’s why more and more people are using it daily. People are constantly busy checking their notifications received […]

Diwali 2020

May this deepavali enlightenyour soul,     So you can know yourself better.      May this diwali bring light inYour life,     So you can shine brighter.      May this deepavali guide youIn your journey,     So you can achieve your goals.      May this diwali burns yoursorrow,     So you can live happily forever.

Is that me

Is that me or the world is lyingIs that me or the people are trying! Is that me or the others have desireIs that me or the dragons have fire! Is that me or my parents are making effortsIs that me or my friends are having comforts! Is that me or my lover is cryingIs […]

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